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Si3N4 (Silicon nitride)

Si3N4 (Silicon nitride)
Silicon Nitride is a carbon formation material with strong covalent bond, manufactured by high temperature sintering
at non-oxidization environment. Having excellent strength in high temperature and excellent thermal resistance properties, it is widely used as anti-thermal components.


  • - Excellent mechanical strength and high temperature strength
  • - Strong in high thermal impact with low thermal expansion coefficient
  • - Chemically stabilized with excellent wear proof
    and anti-corrosion features
  • - Stably used at high temperature of 1,200ºC in oxidization atmosphere


  • - Heat exchanger
  • - Burner nozzle
  • - Spherical ball
  • - Bearing
  • - Component for automobile engine
  • - Thermal insulation material
  • - Thermal resistant component
  • - Other precision machinery related component